Join the Journey

Mark 16:15 shares the heavenly mandate for which every believer is responsible to carry out – “…Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Most believers have likely heard or read this verse before, but we must ask ourselves…What IS the Gospel?

The Gospel is story of Jesus.

Unfortunately, the Gospel is often reduced to a sinner’s prayer, in which salvation is merely seen as a one-time event and nothing more – but in reality, there IS more…SO much more!

The Gospel centers around the passion (suffering) of Jesus on the cross, yet it goes so much deeper than this. It also includes the life and ministry of Jesus before His crucifixion, His resurrection…and the new life of resurrection that we can live out today.

What if the Gospel of our salvation was more than praying a prayer of repentance, but was only the BEGINNING of a beautiful, wonder-filled adventure with Jesus…an adventure that included HEALING and WHOLENESS, both in our lives and in the lives of those around us?

We as believers have the opportunity to experience the presence and the power of Jesus in our everyday lives in this way because our relationship with God is ONGOING!

With this, would you join us on a journey with Jesus, as we discover how He lives today?

We’re ready to walk with you, and Jesus is holding out His hand to you, waiting for you to say YES to all He has for you.

The best is yet to come.

Read the Daily Journey and enjoy some time with Jesus.

Share with us: videos, writings, prayers, thoughts, music. pictures. Use the comment sections or email it to us and we will post it here. Together we will enjoy the journey and experience the Gospel together.

2 comments on “Join the Journey

  1. Victor Avila

    Living a journey with Jesus is imitating his character, persona and acting as He acted in front of the circumstance. Jesus always spoke what He heard from the Father which means we should always speak what we hear from Him.
    our words will set the direction of our destiny.


  2. Victor Avila

    Last night wed. 3/6/29 we had a great time implementing the gospel (good news) of Jesus in our software. As Jesus’s followers it’s imminent updating our network constantly to stay connected to the source life to manifest and endorse the power of the gospel.
    I invite any one who missed this in lighting experience to join us next Wednesday. Until then I ready love you Sunday, stay blessed.


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