The Mall and The Temple

By Michelle Sponder

The Mall. Consumerism and commercialism at it best. I stroll the length of the building. Several kiosk workers try to get my attention. They each have a catch line to draw customers in. I politely say “no thank you” but they wave samples of their products at me, continuing their script. I continue to walk. It’s noisy- people talking loudly, mall music, laughter, babies crying, vendors shouting, registers scanning items…..I expect this. After all, it is a marketplace. 

But when Jesus came to the Temple, His Father’s house, this was NOT what He expected. He found no respect. No reverence. No prayer.  Just noise. People talking loudly, animal sounds, babies crying, vendors shouting. He had a right to be angry. The people made the sale of the sacrificial animals more important than the reason they were celebrating Passover in the first place! They forgot how good God had been to them, how he had saved them from the plagues and freed them from slavery by the Egyptians. 

Back at the mall- there’s no mention of the resurrected Christ anywhere. But there’s a plethora of worldly symbols of Easter – bunnies, eggs, baby chicks everywhere. Easter Sale signs are plastered on the storefront windows encouraging patrons to fill their lives with more stuff. Stuff that will run up a debt they will eventually have to pay.I’d rather fill my life with Jesus- He’s already paid my debt. 

1 comment on “The Mall and The Temple

  1. Excellent comparison…Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe.


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