Thoughts of Jesus in the Garden-

by: Chaplain Forest Willis

” Its quiet here. Literally, deadly quiet. I’ve been here so many times before at night but tonight, it’s different. I feel like I’m being torn apart inside, my good son self and my man self. Never have I felt this lonely; I thought my time in desert with Satan was the worse it would ever get. I was wrong. It is going to get worse, much worse.  I’m lonely and scared. Peter, James, and John were supposed to stay with me and bolster what little strength I have left but they ate too much and can’t stay awake. I’m alone, all alone. I usually feel comfort talking to my father but He’s not listening. I asked him to take this away, but he hasn’t. He won’t. It is part of the plan.  I’m shivering and sweating, my clothes are stained red from blood oozing through my skin. Father, let’s get this over…I hear something, footsteps on the paths, light from torches dancing like dragons breath through the trees, or is it Satan’s breath? Soon all of hell will be upon me. OK Father, let’s get this over with while I still have strength. Time to finish what you prepared. Peter, James, John- wake up!! It is time. “

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