Journey Week 4

Crowd followed Jesus because they had never heard someone teach like He taught. He spoke with authority. He teased the imagination when He spoke about the Kingdom of God. He spoke of the way life was meant to be lived. He told stories and painted pictures with words that invited those who listened to a new way. This week’s journey highlights the teaching of Jesus. The teaching of Jesus was compelling because it forced the question, Who’s Kingdom are you living for? The kingdom of this world or the Kingdom of God

This journal is your road map for the journey. You will be a witness to the miracles and healings of Jesus. You will learn from His teachings. You will be humbled at the cross and confounded at the empty tomb.  Even more you will discover this Jesus who lived, died and was buried, rose and is alive today. This journey is not just a trip down memory lane. This is an adventure where you will experience the wonder of his presence daily. We will see miracles and healings in our neighborhoods and in our day.

Parable of the Soil Day 1

Jesus Teaches Faith Day 2

the Beatitudes Day 3

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Day 4


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