Parable of the Soil

Read: Mark 4:1-12, Matthew 13:1-15, Luke 8:1-10

Then Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” 

Mark 4:9

Today’s Journey:

Let me encourage you to take a nature walk after reading today’s passage. While on your walk, take a look at where plants grow. Notice what types of plants are growing in different places. I find it fascinating to see how many places weeds can grow, especially in Florida. It is also interesting that roses don’t grow well in Southern Florida. We had to clean out the gutters on the roof because we had trees growing from the roof.

In the parable, notice that the seed is consistent. There is power in the seed. The variable in the story is the soil. Pause for a moment and consider the power of the seed of the Gospel. Now consider the soil. Which of the soil types do you identify with today?

What can you do to prepare yourself better to receive the seed? How can you combat the weeds (the cares of the world)? How do you keep these things from choking out the Good News of Jesus?

How can you break up the ground so the roots can go deep in your life? Has your heart become hardened because you feel like you have been “walked on” by others? How can you soften your heart to be able to hear and receive the Good News of Jesus?

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