Journey Week 6

As The Jesus Journey continues, Jesus is revealed as the Christ, the Son of the Living God. For centuries the people of Israel waited for the Messiah to come and usher in the Kingdom of God. Now the Messiah has come, but not as the people expected. He would be inaugurated through suffering. Not only is the Messiah different than expected, but the Kingdom of God is different. Jesus says the Kingdom is not of this world, and the greatest in the Kingdom of God will be the least amongst you. Jesus said,  you can only enter the Kingdom as a child.

Luke tells us Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem. He openly told his followers that He must suffer, and would be put to death, but He would rise on the third day. Daily this week we will see Jesus seek out those along the way to bring salvation to the least and the outsiders. Along your way may you be found by Jesus.

Day 1 Enter as A Child

Day 2 The Kingdom of God is a Party

Day 3 The Cost of Following Jesus

Day 4 Jesus Finds Zacchaeus

Day 5 Jesus The Resurrection and the Life

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