The Cost of Following Jesus

Reading: Luke 9:57-62

       “….I will follow you wherever you go.” Luke 9:57

 Today’s Journey

Notice there were great crowds came to see Jesus. Jesus turns and declares the cost of becoming a follower. Crowds spectate, but the Kingdom of God is not about entertainment, rather the Kingdom is about denying one’s self and living beyond self-centered expectations.

As Jesus was moving towards Jerusalem to lay down His life, literally, people came to him declaring their faith and their intention to follow Jesus. Jesus gives an unexpected response. Instead of welcoming them to join the band wagon He tells them the cost involved in following Jesus. To follow Jesus you may have to give up your security of house and home. You might have to give up the security of your earthly inheritance. You might have to trust God to take care of your family as you prioritize following Jesus. As you read the story Jesus can seem a little harsh right?

We read the story and quickly interpret the story metaphorically. But these were real world issues that Jesus was asking His followers to consider.

Can I ask you to pray a bold prayer? Ask God, what would you have me give up to follow you? The sacrifice Jesus asks of us is nothing in comparison to His sacrifice or the blessings of the Kingdom of God.

I challenge you to ask Jesus that question and then journal whatever you hear Him say. If you have your own thoughts write those as well. Make the journey with Jesus a reality today.

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