Jesus Heals

Week 5 Day 1

Read: Matthew 8:14-17, Mark 1:29-34, Luke 4:38-44

Today’s Journey:

Jesus began His ministry of salvation by healing people. The Kingdom of God is about healing and freedom in Jesus. As you read these three Gospels account of the beginning of Jesus ministry, focus on three statements.

First, “the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed.” Mk 1:32. Jesus heals the people that are brought to Him. Jesus has the responsibility for healing people. His response is to heal because He has compassion and He loves. He had the ability because He is the Son of God. Our role is to bring people to Jesus. Today I want to challenge you to ask yourself, “Who can I bring to Jesus today?”  Our response is to bring people to Jesus. Jesus’ responsibility is to heal, and He is faithful.

he drove out the spirits with a word.”  Mt 8:16. The word of God is powerful. God said, through the prophet Isaiah, “My word that goes out of my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish the purpose for which I send it.” Isaiah 55:11 What word is Jesus speaking over you and your life’s circumstance this day?“…laying his hands on each one…”  Lk 4:40. Notice Jesus is concerned and personally involved with each individual. There was a crowd around Jesus that evening, pressing in to be healed. And Jesus took the time and gave His attention to each person. Laying hands on a person is an act of blessing a person. The blessing of Jesus healed each person. Today, know that Jesus cares about your need specifically. He loves and is concerned about you. Whatever the need, Jesus cares. “Cast all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you (personally)!” 1 Peter 5:7

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